Meet Our Founders

About One For All

Born of friendship, One For All is the passion project of Monty Bruell, Nicole McDermid, Alex Lavidge, Brandon Plummer, and Candace Litchfield. While so much is working to deepen the divide among us, we recognize that there is much more that unites us, such as giving back.

This is especially true in Chattanooga, where our community members never fail to come together during times of need, through a spirit of giving, hospitality, and innovation. It is the intention of this project to highlight, and show appreciation for, those individuals who are giving back selflessly to our community.

We believe that there is little that can continue to separate us when we come together to help each other out, and we intend to give those contributors the recognition that they deserve.

picture of monty bruell

Monty Bruell

Monty Bruell is a Chattanooga native who grew up in the Alton Park and East Chattanooga neighborhoods. In 1979, he graduated from Baylor School as its first African-American graduate. From there, he received a degree in Economics from Harvard University, and went on to work in both the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. He has held positions at Coca-Cola, Unum, Marriott, and Morgan Stanley. Monty has also been deeply involved in community led efforts, such as Glass House Collective. He currently works as a consultant to small business and local non-profits, while also mentoring entrepreneurs through The Company Lab (CO.LAB) in Chattanooga. Over the years, Monty has seen our city transition through many changes, and has witnessed a deepening divide develop that separates the Haves and the Have Nots. His desire to create one prosperous and growing Chattanooga for everyone is why he has decided to run for Mayor of Chattanooga.

picture of nicole mcdermid

Nicole McDermid

Nicole McDermid’s education and experience has been directed by her lifelong passion for design and planning.  She started her first consulting business as an interior designer in 2003.  Upon completion of her master’s degree in urban and regional planning, she moved from Indiana to Colorado to pursue military planning and design consulting opportunities with Cityzen Planning. Nicole strongly believes in encouraging community engagement and participation of stakeholders as a means to fully research and understand the communities she plans for.  In addition to working as a planning and design consultant, she is an adjunct instructor in the Interior Architecture Department at University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Nicole is also a certified dog behavior specialist. Through her company, Recess for Dogs, she consults privately with clients who have dogs struggling with severe behavior issues. She has two “fur children” of her own who accompany her on many hiking and paddling adventures all around the Chattanooga area.

picture of alex lavidge

Alex Lavidge

Alex Lavidge is the CEO and Founder of Startup Champs LLC, a prelaunch growth consulting agency helping clients worldwide validate strategies for increasing pre-orders before launching new companies. He was previously Director of Startup Accelerator Programs at CO.LAB as well as VP Business Development at Variable both located in Chattanooga, TN. He has been recognized by Fast Company magazine as one of the top social innovators in Tennessee for his thought leadership in growing entrepreneurial communities as well as “40 under 40” by the Greater Knoxville Business Journal for his efforts around a variety of economic development initiatives aimed at improving the lives of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and self-employed professionals. Last year he traveled across 6 continents for speaking engagements and client projects. Upon returning home, he was reminded of Chattanooga’s authentic culture of individuals wanting to see each other succeed; it is unlike any other place he has lived or visited.

picture of brandon plummer

Brandon Plummer

Brandon Plummer is the Senior Product Designer at Bellhop, a startup based out of Chattanooga, trying to revolutionize the moving industry with intentional design and technology. Brandon is a designer, thinker, maker, illustrator, can-doer, passionate learner, curiously offbeat and explorer of all things creative. A Tennessee native, he resides in Chattanooga where he works on brand identity, web design, products and ideas. With over a decade in the design industry, Brandon has worked and collaborated with incredible folks from Music Row to Gig City. Brandon’s work is thoughtful, engaging and highly creative—just like him.

picture of candace

Candace Imtiaz Litchfield

Candace Imtiaz Litchfield has been promoting Chattanooga with the Chattanooga Tourism Co. since 2004. As the former Director of Public Relations & Advocacy, she helped lead many of the campaigns showcasing the best that our city has to offer both tourists and newcomers. She is a board member of PRSA Lookout and is a former Adjunct Instructor at Chattanooga State Community College where she taught Hospitality and Tourism Management. At the core she believes however what makes Chattanooga so special isn’t just the attractions but the inclusive community here that pays it forward and goes out of its way to make sure everyone feels welcome and appreciated.