**Your Name**: Diedra Smith
**Your Phone Number**: 1234567898
**Your Email Address**: diedra@kmd.enterprises
**Nominee Name**: Nicole McDermid
**Nominee Phone**: 1234567898
**Nominee Email**: dlynn2614@gmail.com
**Which area does the nominee give back?**: food-security
**Other Area**:
**Description**: This is Diedra Smith testing the automation from Trello to WordPress.


There are three yes/no Custom Fields to be answered below: “Impact”, “Above and Beyond”, and “Spirit”. These fields are to determine….

…Does the nominee’s work impact Chattanoogans?

Brief Description: This is a local program which aims to recognize local leadership and those who give back to our local community. The majority of those impacted by the effort should be people who live in Chattanooga.

…Was the nominee hired into a position with the company that performs this work? If so, are they going above and beyond without expecting anything in return?

Brief Description: While award recipients may be in a paid position for this work, they should NOT only be doing the work because they were hired to do so. Recipients are those who give selflessly for a cause that is higher than themselves and make sacrifices in the process.

…Does the nominee represent the “spirit” of the One For All program?

Brief Description: OFA represents a culture of appreciation, kindness, gratitude and sacrifice. Our goal is to lift each other up and share stories of those who give back to the community that we love.